My name is Rafael da Silva Ribeiro and I’m from Brazil. I’ve been working/playing with computers since I was 7. My first professional job was at the age of 16 fixing and arranging computers for a small company (+-100 people). There i learned about network management, structured cabling and technical support, etc. It was only with the .NET 1.1 release that i actually started programming and got more and more interested in the “Object Oriented” world. Nowadays i continue working with software development (not only .NET but also Java and other technologies) as Software Architect. My goal its to prove that software can be made with fun, quality, in time and cheap, mostly using the MDA/MDD (Model Driven Architecture/Model Driven Development) approach along with TDD (Test Driven Development).


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  1. Ana Catarina Teixeira on

    Desejo-te toda a sorte do mundo, nesta tua paixão. Tu mereces alcançar todos os teus objectivos.

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